The latest updates, feature releases and product improvements to Trezy.
Sep 11, 2023

Automatic Subcategory Creation (Closed Beta)

We have started testing in closed beta the automatic creation of transaction sub-categories based on transaction descriptions. With this improvement we hope to make the Trezy setup even faster and more accurate than ever!

Automatic Sub-Categorisation
  • Fixed issues where the Trezy sign up flow would display in English for French users.
  • We made small updates to the new benchmarking feature (beta) based on user feedback to ensure certain calculations displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing transactions to be ordered incorrectly when sorting by amount.
  • Fixed a small issue that was not allowing some users to bulk re-categorise transactions.
  • Made a small UX fix to transaction categorisation to improve the update speed when choosing a new category.
  • Fixed a bug that caused our classifier to return a category that has the opposite transaction type (inflow/outflow) than the analysed transaction.
Aug 28, 2023

Benchmarking is now in Beta!

Over the past few months we’ve talked to hundreds of our customers and small business owners. What was one of the most common things we heard? “I wish I could better understand how I’m doing compared to my business peers!”

Well from today, Trezy users now can! 

Trezy lets you compare your financial performance against thousands of similar businesses across Europe. Allowing you to uncover insights that can help drive the growth and success of your own business. Or just give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re on track!

Reach out to us today to request access to the beta!

Trezy Benchmarking is now in Beta!

Importing transactions just got easier!

We know Trezy is at its most powerful when you can feed it as much historical data as possible. Therefore we’ve made significant improvements to the experience of importing bank transactions.

The improved feature will now allow you to select and map the correct columns to import, set the import to and from dates based on the first and last dated transaction in the file, and preview what these transaction rows will look like.

Users can now also set the bank balance at the time of the “import from” date to ensure cash flow history displays correctly.

Importing transactions just got easier
  • Further styling improvements to the cashflow screen on mobile - These improvements further improve the usability of the cash flow table on mobile screens.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases the cash flow view was not being correctly displayed for newly created accounts.
  • Fixed an issue where created rules were being reverted 
  • Fixed an issue that meant users have been unable to split a transaction once a document had been linked
Aug 14, 2023

The Cash Flow View is now fully responsive on mobile!

Trezy Cash Flow View Mobile

We’re continuing to improve the Trezy experience when browsing from Mobile! We’ve updated the mobile cash flow view to significantly improve users ability to analyse the charts and create/update their forecasts! More to come soon!

Improvements to user notifications

We have made several backend changes that will allow for more timely and useful user alerts and notifications such as a daily cash update and alerts for negative cash flow forecast.


  • Fixed an issue where some transaction descriptions incorrectly displayed as ‘XXX’.
  • Removed and updated several faulty links in the balance sheet that displayed missing content.
  • Updated our industry benchmarking database to ensure that all financial reports display numbers in the correct formats and currencies.
  • We fixed an issue that sometimes transaction were categorised with opposite transaction type category by auto classifier
  • Fixed an issue with the cash flow visualisation that was displaying missing or incomplete data in the table for certain historic periods.
  • Fixed a issue where a small number of users were seeing incorrect balances listed against some of their connected bank accounts.

Jul 31, 2023

Improving the Trezy Mobile Experience

We have made a number of significant changes to the design of Trezy when browsing from a mobile device.This includes a more polished sign up and sign in experience, a new mobile menu and major improvements to browsing and editing transactions.

Trezy Mobile Experience

Company profiles updated on data.trezy.io

Made improvements to company profiles on data.trezy.io to ensure they always display the latest available data from the French government.

data.trezy.io company profiles
  • Several minor design improvements to improve navigation, accessibility and overall user experience.
  • Fixed an issue where in some instances users were unable to remove rules from specific transactions.
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