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Cash Flow

Historic cash flow analytics
Forecast cash flow analytics
Multi-bank analytics
Scenario creation
Daily cash flow view
Weekly cash flow view
Monthly cash flow view
Quarterly cash flow view
Actuals vs. Expected vs. Forecast

Workspace & Automation

Trezy A.I. engine
Workspace users
Smart Forecasts
Open banking connections
Categorisation rules
Category payment terms & VAT

Performance Insights

Key performance ratios
Profit & loss reports
Consolidated bank balances
Report exports
Industry benchmarking
Coming soon!

Documents Management

Document forwarding
Smart document recognition
Transaction matching
Cash cover monitoring
Document inspection & editing
Connect to supplier
Document exports

Transaction Management

Smart document matching
Transaction filters
Expected transactions
Recurring transaction recognition
Split transactions
Ignore transactions
Transaction import
Transaction export
Bulk editing

Frequently asked questions

How can you generate my financial reports before my accountant?

Trezy developed a unique algorithm that allows us to estimate monthly financial performance from cash transactions.

Our algorithm is based on 14M accounting entries and 2M cash transactions. Accounting companies use us.

Are you replacing my accountant?

We are not replacing your accountant and we strongly recommend that you so not to take any shortcuts on this. When your company is in trouble or needs extra attention, your accountant is the best person to guide you through it (fiscal control, sanitary or financial crisis, etc.)

Our tool gives you financial insights that will help you to make better business decisions.

How accurate is your estimate?

If we know your sector and only receive cash transactions from you, then we are able to provide a good estimation of your profitability and you will know if you are losing money or profiting.

The more information you give Trezy, the more accurate our estimations will be. For example, if you (or your accountant) imports past accounting entries from your company, we'll have a more realistic viewpoint of your business situation. Also, if you already use tools to prepare your accounting or to do your invoices, we can connect them to our system so our algorithm keeps learning and adapting to better suit your needs.

Our goal is to give you better estimations than what a physical person could ever give you.

How is it that you are much cheaper than your competitors?

Our competitors can be separated in two groups:

1. Cash flow forecasting tools: These tools use no or basic AI and are not learning from you. This means they heavily rely on maintenance. Besides, it is not recommended and can even be dangerous to manage your company only on cashflow as it can gives you a false view of your profitability.

2. Accounting tools that try to automate most of the work: These tools are not solving your dependance on accounting so you will always have to wait for it to be processed in order to get your finances. This will cost you extra from your accountant and doesn't change anything on what you can get from your current advisors.