Quentin Lacointa

Helacom, the digital marketing agency that became the captain of its finances.

August 29, 2022

Helacom, challenges for a new business growing rapidly: Fixed.

Helacom is a digital marketing agency created in January 2020 by Danielle Diomande. The agency acquired many new clients and became unmanageable for Danielle so she decided to hire 6 full-time employees.

Human Resources decisions of a growing business

Danielle had difficulty to visualise what the total cost of each new hire would be. She knew that she had to pay around 80% of social costs above the net salary, but didn't really understand the visibility of its business impact.

She also had difficulties estimating her net result based on her invoicing tool and bank account. Because of the VAT being paid quarterly and variable payment delays from her customers, it was hard for her to see the profit / loss per month. Each month, she had to remove the VAT from each payment, change the date based on the transaction and the execution date of the service, to obtain more accurate estimate of her financial performance.

  • Cash flow transactions give the wrong perception of business performance
  • Payment term variations make monthly performance reporting timely to create
  • Even though Danielle was an expert in her field, her financial knowledge was limited
How did Trezy Help?
"Using Trezy, I realised that we were barely going to break even this year. I hired faster than I expected and I had to slow down and keep focused on growing my customer base. Without Trezy, I would have continued until the annual statement from my accountant in March 2022. It enabled me to make decisions five months before that."

Trezy's artificial intelligence automatically created a very accurate view of the profitability in the year of 2021 based on the importation of accounting entries from the previous year. With everything being automated, solutions could be generated easily. No more time wasted in timely manual procedures.

  • Trezy gave visibility on financial performance in no time
  • Onboarding was effortless thanks to the import of past accounting entries
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