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Trezy brings you visibility on your performance- whenever you need it.

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Trezy gives me the visibility I need

Since we started using Trezy, we have real-time performance visibility for each of our restaurants.

Once Trezy is set up, we don't have to do anything else, except transfer our invoices which we receive by email.

Our accountant is delighted. We don't lose any more invoices and he has access to all of them via his accounting view in order to make the VAT declarations.

Real time
profit & loss

Get your financial insights at a glance.

How much profit did you make last month?
Did you spend too much on salaries?
How much are your gross margins?

Your Answers Are Always In Trezy.

Cashflow forecast

We are connected to your bank account.

All your bank transactions are automatically classified in your cash flow statement.

Thanks to Trezy, you can easily see the breakdown of your cash outflows to help you to cut unnecessary expenses.

Using scenario mode, you can project your cash position easily into the future based on your predicted revenue.

receipt collection

Trezy automatically collects your receipts from 10,000 different tools like Uber, Amazon and Facebook.

Our smart algorithm understands each receipt and automatically links it to your bank transactions.

You can also create, send and track invoices directly from our system.

Spend time on your hotel.

Not your finances

Trezy is built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We know your time is better spent on your business and not your finances.

No Maintenance.
No finance skills required.
Setup in less than 5mn.
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